Our Custom-designed Curriculum

Our school has designed a series of teaching programs to help kids progress faster in learning English and important life lessons. 

Our class curriculum include the following specialities

¤ Language studies with a natural English immersion.

¤ Hands on activities for kids to fully participate in our classes.

¤ Art Studio offers an approach to develop the kids creativity and imagination as soon as they start at our school.

¤ Science Lab allow the kids to develop their curiosity through experimentation and hands-on lab projects. 

¤ Life Style concentrates on showing kids practical life skills like cooking.

¤ Sports give the kids the opportunity to try an array of exercises like martial arts, football, roller skating.

¤ Scout teaches kids to be curious by visiting museums or exploring the outdoors and learn about nature.

¤ K to G1 helps kids make the transition to elementary school by giving them a head start on a lot of subjects.


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